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5 Reasons Rumored Survivor Series 2017 Main Game Makes Judgement: Brock Lesnar Vs. Jinder Mahal

As WWE’s most diehard fans are engrossed on crying all the way to December when controversial champion Jinder Mahal has come back in India triumphantly. In the Survivor Series main event, Jinder Mahal is now rumored to take on none other than Brock Lesnar.

After almost being chopped-off as a pay-per-view following disappointing buy rate amounts in 2009—which was down 26% whereby narrowing income increases to barely $400,000 contrasted to 2008—the standard franchise has lately been home to some of WWE’s significant annual moments.

An Inter-promotional Match Makes Pay-Per-Views Special: The upcoming opposition between Brock Lesnar and Jindal Mahal would render the first inter-promotional matchup among world winners of the newest brand severing age and would pit two of WWE’s most worthy and the strongest-booked personalities next one another.

WWE used an alike method for its unrecognized Cyber Sunday pay-per-view permit in 2006. The “Champion of Champions” special pull match between world heavyweight champion Booker T, WWE champion John Cena and ECW champion The Big Show helped draw 228,000 pay-per-view buys. The aforementioned was up from 174,000 buys for Taboo Tuesday the year before. The subsequent year, without such an enticement, Cyber Sunday backslid back to 194,000 buys.

Survivor Series highlighted the great-awaited première of Sting in 2015, and at last time’s experience, Goldberg made his in-ring return by choosing up a shockingly fleet success over Lesnar in just two minutes. Though Mahal, like most of his rivals, is not on Lesnar’s category as a box office draw, cleaning angles with The Beast will only add reliability to a world trophy reign that came out of nowhere and lasts to encounter an uphill fight.

Amidst WWE giving away WrestleMania-talent matches in dreams of heightening its torpid subscriber tally, a champion vs. champion match is precisely the example of in-ring publicity trick it needs.