Forecast News: Blade Runner 2049

BLADE RUNNER 2049 a movie directed by DENIS VILLENEUVE, starring: RYAN GOSLING, HARRISON FORD, ANA DE ARMAS, SYLVIA HOEKS, JARED LETO, ROBIN WRIGHT, DAVE BAUTISTA, is about the hit the cinemas on 6th of October. Arthur C. Clarke once wrote: “Either we are alone in the universe r we are not. Both are equally terrifying.”

In the cold urban wilderness of future Los Angeles, the former feels like the only convincible answer-but that raises another, even uncanny dilemma, which looks like storm clouds knotting in the sky overhead.

Recently in a press screening of BLADE RUNNER 2049, a representative from Warner Bros. Read a note from Denis Villeneuve, in which the director politely asked those assembled to preserve the film’s it’s a reasonable request, but a difficult one as any discussion of 2049 is bound to involve spoilers-spilling queries, many of them existential. Despite the original Blade Runners infamous grimness, Deckard was actually a bit of a softie, giving the film an unexpected warmth amid all the ambient drizzling. Fans argued for years whether Deckard was actually a robot, but the performance itself was always recognizably human.

This is a movie about the aftershocks of evolution emotional, physical, global and after watching it, you might feel slightly altered yourself, as Blade Runner 2049 is so mesmeric, so thoroughly transport I’ve, that the real world waiting outside of the real world waiting outside of the theater will strike you a bit of a letdown. It’s the sort of big budget, big idea sci-fi film that seems all but impossible these days.

Blade 2049 Trailer

Villeneuve film isn’t a wham-bam slab of save-the-world sci-fi the Blade Runner world is and always was long past severable – but a future noir mystery about a missing child and the existential crisis the case triggers in its investigating agent.

That’s Ryan GOSLING’s officer K, and LAPD sleuth whose beat, like Harrison Ford’s Deckard three decades earlier, involves tracking down and ‘retiring’ old replicants: bioengineered androids, almost indistinguishable from humans who were manufactured as slaves but got other ideas.

Well, this the pretty much of what the movie is going to be. Wait for the movie to hit your nearest cinema and watch it to know how 2049 will really look like and is replicating even possible.