Jimmy Kimmel

The latest episode of ‘Daily Show’ is expected to be a blockbuster. Host Jimmy Kimmel looks to accomplish a few things when he interviews Hillary Clinton interview. Over the last week, Jimmy Kimmel has been facing the flak for making comments against Graham-Cassidy health care bill on his eponymous ABC late-night talk show. The famous TV host also called out Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy and accused him of lying to Jimmy.

Many within the industry were ready to cease the opportunity to criticize Kimmel. Kimmel’s critics argued that he should stay out of politics. Though the week was sour for Jimmy, many came out in support including The Daily Show alum Jordan Klepper. Trevor Noah also came out in support of Jimmy saying that he is only exercising his rights as a citizen and he has full right to question the politicians.

According to Noah, Jimmy is doing what every American should have done long back and that is to engage in the nation’s politics and policy-making. Noah finds it strange when people run away from politics. Instead, the star believes that good people should rather enter politics and not run away from it. He finds it strange that people blindly vote for a candidate rather than taking a full role in the government making.

Noah hopes to have a good conversation with Hillary Clinton when she comes to his show on November 1, 2017. She would be talking about her new book titled “What Happened”. Noah looks to get a clear picture of what the future and role are there for Hillary Clinton. Noah is working closely with his team for the Hillary Clinton show.