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‘IT’ Sequel Sets To Terrorize Theaters Again In September 2019

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Recently Hollywood’s supernatural horror film ‘IT’ rocked the theaters by terrorizing the audiences all over the world and proved to be the horror blockbuster of this year, 2017. Andy Muschietti’s creepy film adaption of Stephen King’s novel ‘It’ shattered numerous records in the film industry by generating the highest opening weekend ever for a horror film. Film ‘It’ garnered $478 million globally and surpassed the 1973 classic terror movie The Exorcist’s $441 million revenue.

Pennywise the Dancing Clown is all set to hit the cinemas across the globe. On Monday, New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. declared that a sequel to the horror blockbuster ‘It’ will terrorize the audiences on September 6, 2019. The R-rated film has earned $266.1 million domestically and has roused the box office back to life.

The screenwriter Gary Dauberman has silently made a deal to write the screenplay for the follow-up, while director of the film Andy Muschietti is waiting in the wings to return as well. Producers of the movie are also anticipated to return for the sequel.

King’s opus It informs a group of friends who stay together to beat their town’s demon, first as children then as adults. While Stephen King’s novel toggles between the young and older characters, New Line prepared its adaptation so that the movie concentrates on the children and is set in the past. While the coming sequel would take place in the present and will be punctuated with flashbacks, permitting the same cadre of kids to be seen again.

In a twinned film, the studio’s movie adaptation of Teen Titans Go! Will be released soon, being postponed from June 1, 2018, to July 21, 2018.