Hrithik Roshan Super 30


After the success of KAABIL, HRITHIK ROSHAN will start filming for the biopic titled SUPER 30. Vikas BAHL’S super 30 is a biopic on a Genius mathematician from Bihar named Anand Kumar. And Hrithik has been chosen for playing his role in the biopic and will start filming within a few days.

First, let us know about “SUPER 30

SUPER 30 is a programme, which is operated by ANAND KUMAR a renowned mathematician, which helps 30 Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) aspirants to crack its entrance test, and the film will be telling us sry behind and for it.
The biopic will be directed by Vikas Bahl’s and will give a focus on the life Anand and how he prepares the student who is economically backward for the exams f IIT, and he has been doing it with a great success actually the success rate is outstanding.

Mr. Anand has also expressed much excitement on Hrithik playing his role, saying “I am very happy because he is the best choice for the role. I have seen his work and the kind of versatility and range that he exhibits as an actor is very strong. I am a rooted guy so I feel some level of the emotional quotient is required to live my life on screen. I have seen that in Hrithik – on and off screen. I have full faith in his capabilities”.

After impressing the audience and critics by his performance inability, Hrithik is all set to play his role in SUPER 30. He believes 2017 has been a successful year for him and he will start shooting for SUPER 30 and KRISSH 4. And even the makers are also happy as they always had Hrithik as their first choice.

And for the viewers, I think we are about to see a lot of biopics this year because Bollywood is much into making biopics as per the news and gossip going on. And indeed, we love to watch biopics.