Haseena Parkar Review


HASEENA PARKAR is basically a courtroom biopic drama about Dawood Ibrahim’s sister HASEENA PARKAR. They have tried to portray the life of Haseena Parkar. Director Apoorva Lakhia has tried to show the Mumbai of 1980’s and the underworld scenario. The movie takes us back to the time when Dawood Ibrahim started building his underworld business. Shiddhant Kapoor, the real-life brother of Shraddha Kapoor plays the role of young Dawood Ibrahim. We see a real-life brother-sister cast as brother and sister on silver screen.

“All Muslims are not terrorists, but all those caught commuting acts of terrorism are Muslims” ‘And what do you do when your brother is a terrorist?’

The movie aims answers certain questions and displays the emotional rollercoaster that Hassena went through. The movie opens with Hassena narrating her story in a courtroom. Addressing that how Muslims are being criticised by the society. She is the daughter of Ibrahim Kaskar, a Mumbai police constable, living in Temkar street, South Mumbai.

Their family has 10 children and the family living in a very small room. Her brother Dawood Ibrahim, who we all know as the Don of Mumbai, has been seen in many movies before but this time the portrayal by Shiddhant Kapoor will make you feel like Dawood is not in a certain mood to carry on his business, and the dubbing done, is very poor. We will see the ambiance of the Temkar street. The first half of the movie will look interesting and will make you feel that Shraddha ( Ha-Ha-Haseena ) is going on the right track.

Now after the interval, you have to take some time thinking where the story is heading towards. Haseena defends her brother by saying he has nothing to do with the serial blasts in Mumbai because he knows his sister lives there and he will never do anything to hurt his sister as he loves her. Well, we all have an what Dawood did (Credits: Media).

But the movie showcases that Dawood was only related to smuggling of gold and he had nothing to do with terrorism, murder, extortion, land possessing, exporting narcotics or any other thing that Dawood was being held responsible for in front the world. She calls her brother who just moved to Dubai and asks him about the serial bombing listening to which Dawood just hangs up the phone without answering.

The script and acting start to drop from the second half. Shraddha has tried her level best to keep the movie look dramatic but the absence of subtly in the script couldn’t compliment her efforts. The actors suffered to deliver certain elements of the plot.

Even the outbursts and emotional scenes were so stammering on Shraddha. Shraddha’s transformation from a simple housewife to a fiery Hassena Parkar is worth to watch though. But still, after all those efforts, you will feel like why was this movie ever made.

To know why, go watch cutie – Shraddha in your nearest theatres.