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Check Out Who’s The New Aamir Khan of Bollywood Industry – It’s Kangana Ranaut!

Presently, the candid actress Kangana is the hot topic of the Bollywood Industry for breaking down the showbiz status quo with her tiresome truths. How correct is she, and how much does our inspection of the 31-year-old actress unveil about our own double standards?

How to tackle a problem like Kangana? The tale is bothersome; to say the least, that is why I recommend a quick recap of the prickliest parts. Her explosive interviews slamming ex-lovers Hrithik Roshan and Aditya Pancholi and other things have made TRPs shoot up. It seems that she is distastefully opportunistic as she unveils the facts just before the release of her new film ‘Simran’. According to her, she has had affairs with married men and has gone on to complain about those men to their wives and fathers. Her vulnerable, harassed tale doesn’t fairly add up, and many details seem crooked.

She is contemplated a ‘difficult’ actress on set, as well as a demanding negotiator with an impractical sense of self-worth. She has annoyed many collaborators and rumours about her sound both malicious and believable. She declined the claim of hijacking Ketan Mehta’s Rani Lakshmibai project and also called the scripts ridiculous even after agreeing to do the film. She is also into the limelight for an ugly fight on writing credits on her latest movie, ‘Simran’.  All of 31, she has daringly announced that she will co-direct all of her upcoming movies.

Ranaut has even made favoritism an awful word simply by repeating it a lot, paradoxically while employing her sister as her manager. Yet the actress Kangana communicates her truth, and by doing so and never surrender, has become such an anti-patriarchy poster child that it’s impossible to criticize her today.

The question is not how correct the actress is about her allegations on both parts – romantic and writerly and how wearily she should be admonished for various flaws and insinuations. The real problem is why many of us are so interested in pointing fingers at others? We can decide not to agree with Ranaut, but rather we defame and accuse. She has raised the industry’s hackles.

I ask since numerous broadsides I see leveled at Kangana Ranaut sound dashed recognizable. They make me think, to be precise, of Aamir Khan.

In the month of May 2006, just before the release of film ‘Fanaa’, renowned film actor Aamir Khan went on the record to lambast the BJP’s handling of the Narmada Dam issue in Gujarat state. He talked passionately about the noble cause and joined in with many activists but once the film got released, he nowhere to be seen and couldn’t see him mentioning the subject again publicly. Aamir has since received a certain infamy for making full of news headlines prior to a film release, and while we cast aspersions on Kangana Ranaut for going on about actor Hrithik Roshan before Simran hits theatres, Khan is considered a cunning operator for this very reason.

Aamir is quite popular in directing films as well. Rumours indicate that Khan directs most of the films he stars in, and stories of his on-set interference are legendary. It is supposed that Khan selects filmmakers who are willing to submit to his vision and because their films without Aamir Khan don’t do as well as the ones he makes with them. Actor Aamir is known as the guy who really made the film happen. For her on-set exactitude, Kangana Ranaut is identified as a troublemaker even as this behaviour earned Aamir Khan the ‘perfectionist’ tag.

After the huge success of film Queen and Tanu Weds Manu Returns, Kangana declined for low remuneration film offers and demanded bigger piece of the pie only. In one of her interviews, she claimed to get 80% of what Ranbir Kapoor/ Ranveer Singh earns, which is obviously a big statement she made considering the industry. As stated by Kangana Bollywood industry is so lopsided that Shahid Kapoor makes more money per film than actress Deepika Padukone.

In the meantime, Aamir Khan has apparently struck an unprecedented deal with Yash Raj Films (YRF) for the upcoming film ‘Thugs Of Hindostan’ where he is supposed to receive a whopping 60% of the movie’s profits. None of these numbers may actually be true, but most producers I have spoken to applaud Khan’s acumen, while they wait for one flop to bring Kangana Ranaut “down to earth.”

As evidenced by the beginning paragraphs of this piece, I am neither applauding member of Team Kangana nor I am thinking that Aamir resembles Ranaut, or that one day she will direct an all-girls Lagaan remake.