Box Office: Hollywood Horror Film IT Hits Bollywood Competition

All the experts of Hindi cinema would agree on the fact that Hollywood horror movies are more likely to beat box office success in Indian market. But no would have guessed or thought that it would overtake Bollywood movies in terms of generating high collections. Latest Hollywood horror sensation got released last Friday on September 8 worldwide, Indian audience welcomed the horror film with full exhilaration. And by counting the numbers that came out, it seems Bollywood movies failed against Hollywood horror sensation.

The film IT was based on Stephen King’s horror novel of the same name and popular mini-series. Stephen’s novel was published in 1986 and film released in the current year 2017. Being familiar with the audience it generated massive box office collection of $180 million, which is Rs 1150 crores in Indian currency, collected just in 4 days of opening. Film IT released in all the major theatres in various languages across the nation and gained a moderate opening of Rs 1.67 crores on an opening day and generated Rs 10.07 crores till Tuesday, which is way more as compared to Bollywood releases last week. If we compare it with Poster Boys’ box office collection, it made Rs 9.40 crores till this Tuesday while Daddy earned Rs 5.25 crores.

Vice President and Managing Director of Warner Bros Pictures India, Denzil Dias communicated the excitement by quoting “We couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome, and congratulate New Line Cinema, director Andy Muschietti and his phenomenal cast & crew on this fantastic opening.” And also taking the positive reviews into the consideration from both critics and viewers, it won’t be surprising if the movie crosses Rs 20 crores milestone in the Indian market.