Augusta: The latest destination for new Bollywood movie

Bollywood has had quite a relation with the United States when it comes to shooting films. New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, they’ve done it all. The latest destination to feature in a new Bollywood movie is the cozy town of Augusta in Georgia State. A new film titled ‘Detroit Crossing’ is currently being filmed in the city of Augusta.

Augusta was nowhere in the picture while deciding to choose the locations of the film. Atlanta was originally scheduled to be the host. However, the crew decided to ditch Atlanta in favor of Augusta. In fact, the team has even contacted a few places and prepared the calendar to shoot. The crew only came to Augusta to look at props to rent but things changed within a couple of hours. The team just went around the city and was completely smitten by the locales. ‘Detroit Crossing’ was no more shot in Atlanta but Augusta.

While returning back to Atlanta, the team decided to go ahead with Augusta. The filming started a few weeks back and will continue for another couple of months. From brickyards to neighborhoods and swanky downtown, the shooting will be spread all across the city. The director of the film Nirmal Saha Dev is well acquainted with the CSRA. He spent a fair bit of his time living while working at the Savannah River Site. It was during his student days that he decided to follow his dream of making films.

He started his film career from Atlanta, New Orleans, and India while working on several projects that are on Netflix. Nirmal left his job at SRS and had never thought he would be back behind the camera. The team of Detroit Crossing has opened the doors for a lot more productions to set their camp at Augusta.